First descriptions available


The basics are done, lets start with content. I added the pages about the Enicar Jet Graph MK I, Jet Graph MK II and Aqua Graph MK I. More to come of course. If you have pictures of your Enicar Graph watches, please contact me via the contact form.


We are online folks!


Mabye you have the same problem as we had. A lot of Enicar information in the good old Interweb, scattered on billions of pages, but no place where all come together.

We are a handful of Enicar enthusiasts form Germany and Austria who wants to bundle all what you can find out there, on one page.

Since the Enicar Universe is big,.. I mean really big, we try to focus at the start on a few watches and fill the page with life and information in the next months. First we start with the Sherpa Graph watches.

Our goal is to have at least all the Sherpa watches in the distant future. If you wanna help us, feel free to contact us. We are looking for pictures of your watches, Enicar Advertisments or just feedback of the current status.

Let’s bring the saturn back to life 😉 We are Enicar101!

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