The Aqua Graph Mark Ib likely appeared in the year 1965 and was like a transitional reference between the Ia and the II. It allready has all the design elements of the MKII, but still uses the old case with the old reference system (072/002).

Reference NumberSerial RangeWatches produced
072 / 002706.5xx – 706.8xx
722.1xx – 722.5xx


Stainless steel EPSA compressor case with bajonet lock.

40,6mm x 49,5mm without crown, 14mm thickness, lug width 20mm


The bezel of the Mark Ib is counting up from 0 to 60. 10, 20, 30, 40, and 60 is written in bigger number than the 5min steps. Every minute has a dash as indicator. The bezel itself is made of aluminum with a black surface and numbers in silver.

At 12 o’clock you will find a vertical trapez borderd by two tritium lume spots.

The bezel is freely turning without clicks.

Red Ring

Made of red eloxed aluminum the tip of the ring is formed like a triangle. The ring is freely turning from the bezel.


The MK1b comes with two different dials: black and black-grey. The early ones mainly shows the black dial, the later ones are commonly known with the black-grey dial which is the same as in the reference MK II.

Also interesting is the difference between the black dial of this reference and the MK1a. The apllied Enicar Logo is a bit smaller on the MK1b and the left sub has a different design. Also the “T” for tritium is now at 6 o’clock together with the “Swiss made” letters.


The hands are very similar compared to the MK Ia, except for the subdial hands.

Minute and hour hand are formed like a paddle (paddle style) and are very common for Enicar watches of the beginning and mid 60’s. They are unpainted with rectangle tritium lume and an orange tip. The orange tip is shorter than on the MK1a reference.

The second hand is mainly unpainted with a round lume spot right before the tip.

The subdial hands are unpainted and thin. They are also shorter as on the predecessor references.


Since the Aqua Graph was meant to be a diving watch you will find the waffle compressor crown with Enicar saturn on it.

Measurements: 6,25 x 3,75; Tap 12


The back shows the old Seapearl logo with the seapearl in the middle.


Valjoux 72 with golden finish