Enicar Jet Graph MK Ia
Enicar Jet Graph MK Ib
Enicar Jet Graph MK II
Enicar Jet Graph MK III
Enicar Jet Graph MK IV

The Jet Graph was made for pilots and people that travel a lot.  They were officially used by different airlines such as SAS. The main feature was the GMT hand, which let you handle at least two time zones.

The Jet Graph was build from 1963 to at least 1969 in four different versions. A close look into the serial table shows that the Jet Graph was the last produced chronograph with the famous “Graph” in the name.

Known are the references 072/002 and 072 / 02 / 02 and 072 / 02 / 02A. Since the Jet Graph also had the known EPSA case they are also waterproof up to 300 feet.