The inner caseback reveals the production date 1962 of the Sherpa Graph MK Ic, which is also the only difference to the MK Ib.

Reference NumberSerial RangeWatches produced
1308 BaNCH526.0xx – 528.1xx700+


Stainless steel EPSA compressor case with bajonet lock.

40,2mm x 49,3mm without crown, 13,5mm thickness, lug width 20mm


The inner tachy scale of the MK Ic is just found in white (its more like a metalic silver in real life) and Tachymetre 300 caption.


In the range of the MK 1c you can find a white dial, the known black-white dial and the famous Jim Clark dial in grey-white. The Enicar logo is still the big and old one with the letters in the middle of the saturn. The lume on the dial is made of radium.


Minute and hour hand are formed like paddles. They are not painted and have a tip at the end. The tip is longer than on later executions.

The second hand is red painted and straight. It’s slightly longer than the dial and floats over the bezel.

The subdial hands are painted black or unpainted. Minute and hour counter hands looks like little arrows, second hand is just straight.


The MK Ic has one of the older, thin compressor crowns, but with Saturn on it. They are way smaller than the ones of the later references.

Measurements: 6,25 x 2,65; Tap 12


The back shows the cloverleaf of early Enicar watches.

Movement: High quality Valjoux 72 with rosé golden finish.