Besides the genuine Enicar Sherpa Graph watches, you can also find some watches from different brands, that looks like a Graph, but aren’t. Martijn van der Veen found the suiting name “Sherpa Graph Cousins”.

Despite the similar optic on the first view, there are some differences. First the cases are not EPSA compressor cases. Whereas the Sherpa Graphs have a bajonet EPSA case, the cousins just use ordinary screw backs and don’t have compressor crowns.

Also the hands are different, and in most cases can’t be found on any Enicar. Even den paddle hands on the Million are slightly different (look closer at the paddle hand, that are tapered vs. straight on Sherpa Graph). On the other side, the Dials are very similar in quality and look. Its often just the logo that is different, unfortunately often on an ugly silver plate.

The Movements are allways Valjoux 72 or 726, but in comparison to the original Enicar movements not adjusted. In colors we find everything from silver, to rose gold to gold. Most of them are not signed, some like the Million are.

Interesting is the fact, that most of the brands are totally unheard of. Rarely other watches come into my mind. So what are these? Well, we don’t know yet. The connection to Enicar is obvious, maybe it was an approach to sell finished chronographs to subbrands, that could use them with the same optics as the Sherpa Graphs, but not all features. We have seen similar approaches with Heuer, that you e.g. also can find as Dugena or Primato (but as 1:1 copy).

One design element I really miss on the Sherpa Graph line but you find at these cousins is the Panda dial. I just love the look and therefore I own a nice Hema with Panda dial myself. It also comes with a great big lollipop.

Until now we know the following brands:

  • Desotos
  • Hema
  • Hermo
  • Itraco
  • Jean Perret
  • Million
  • Oebra
  • Primato
  • Regines
  • Schild
  • Talis

The following gallery shows you the brands and some more of their variations of the dials