Enicar Super Graph MK I
Enicar Super Graph Simonet
Enicar Super Graph MK II
Enicar Super Graph MK III

The Super Graph was probably the first of the Graph Chronograph watches with a bezel. Shortly after the Super- (625.xxx) the Jet- (626.xxx) was introduced, followed by the Aqua Graph (635.xxx). It was produced from 1963 till 1966, which is a short time compared to the other Graphs.

Its an interesting fact, that today the Super Graph seems to be the most rare Sherpa Graph chronograph. Maybe it is cause of the easily damaged bezel. The more realistic reason is that the Super Graph hasn’t a real target group. Divers used the Aqua Graph, Pilots the Jet Graph, Racers the Graph.

Another interesting fact is that despite most of the watches in my list have a designated serial range, the Super Graph seem to use the same as the Aqua Graph. That could mean, that short after introducing the Aqua Graph, the Super Graph was just a derivate of the Aqua.