Exciting Times!

Wow, exciting times folks for Enicar fans. It’s gonna happening, Martijn aka Vandervenus started his Kickstarter campaign to fund his 250 pages Enicar book. He is one of the greatest Enicar collectors and all his passion and expertise will go in this book. If you like Enicar watches or just watch collecting in general, fund his project on Kickstarter!

I also want to show you the latest additions to my collection. Two incredible rare birds. First is an Enicar Sherpa Super Graph, one of the rarest of all Graphs. Rare maybe cause it hasn’t found its place between the Aqua Graph (for divers), Jet Graph (for pilots) and Sherpa Graph (racers and the rest 😀 ). Supposely a bad seller. I also added it to the reference guide .

The second watch is a now white Aqua Graph. Now, cause it was born as a black / grey one. But after finding a white dial in France, I had to convert it. Some call it “Monza prototype”, but for me it was just another option at the dealers office. Never seen a “true” white dial Aqua Graph in the wild yet, so another mystery to solve in the future. For me, this is the perfect summer watch!

New Addition and insights

Another brick in the wall 😉 I just added the Enicar Sherpa Graph Ic guide to the page.

I was lucky to buy one, right before christmas. The watch has its own charme. Obviously its not a safe queen, but that makes her a perfect daily rocker. It came out of a south German estate sale. What was new for me, is the silver finish of the bezel. On pics it just looks white, in reality it has a nice metallic effect.

Since a friend of mine asked about production numbers, I will try to summarize my findings, based on my table with now close to 180 watches.

Enicar Sherpa Graph Ia: 500 watches
Enicar Sherpa Graph Ib: 700 watches
Enicar Sherpa Graph Ic: 600+ watches
Enicar Sherpa Graph Id: 400 watches

Enicar Sherpa Graph II: 800 watches

Enicar Sherpa Graph III: 3.200 watches

Enicar Sherpa Graph IV: 2.000 watches

Please keep in mind, these figures will be adjusted with the number of watches I have in my list. Since they surely were produced in batches, I take the first serial number of that reference and the last one. The batch size is the difference.

New additions to Serial Reference Guide and new category

Hey friends, some additions happened in the last month, without a big anouncement.

After finding this nice ad about Erik Carlson and Enicar, I decided to spend this topic an own category. So have a look at “Racing Heritage” abouth Enicars history in motorsports. These section will be updated as soon as I find more information. Maybe it takes until next year, when something big is on the Enicar (book-) horizon 😉


Second, I updated the Serial Reference page. By now, I have 172 watches in my list. Thats a huge success, considering I started a year ago with this project. Thanks to all that supported me! You are the best.

So whats next? I just got a nice Sherpa Graph MK Ic, so finally I can finish the guide on this reference. The other thing I have in mind, is an overview about the orginal bracelets used on the Graphs. Stay tuned!

As I learned to end something with something nice, I found this absolutly fantastic ad two weeks ago in Japan. Great isn’t it?



“Mr. Saab” and his Sherpa Graph MK II

Swedish ad showing Erik Carlsson and his Sherpa Graph MK II

Look what cool Swedish ad I just found on the Swedish forum Erik Carlsson, also know as „Carlsson on the roof“ and „Mr. Saab“ as a testimonial for Enicar and smiling to us with a nice Sherpa Graph MK II on his wrist.

Carlsson (*5.3.1929 – †27.5.2015) was one of the most famous European Rallye Driver of its time and an icon. The swedish won the Rally Monte Carlos two times in 1962 and 1963 with his Saab 96.

Carlsson at Rally Monte Carlo

He also develops the breaking with the left foot while still hammering the gas 😁 to keep the rpm’s high. A thing that Walter Röhrl brought to perfection ( a great video of this you can find here).

In Addition, he is the husband of Pat Moss, the younger sister of the big formular 1 star Stirling Moss.

Back to watches. As mentioned Carlsson is wearing a nice Sherpa Graph MK II with black dial and silver subs like the shown one. I havn’t found a picture yet if he was also wearing this watch in the cockpit, but why shouldn’t he 😉

Sherpa Graph MK II with silver subs

By the way the ad says:
“Time is a decisive factor for a rally driver. When it hangs in the second, it’s time for a watch to trust. This is what we have, my wife Pat Moss and I, our ENICAR watch, never lame us in the lap.”

Mr. Saab Erik Carlsson

Aqua Graph MK Ib and some Wabi Sabi

Hey friends,

since we just passed the 150 watches in my serial list I just added the last missing Aqua Graph reference: the MK Ib. By now I have completed all Jet and Aqua Graph watches. Still some work to do. Next will be the Sherpa Graph MK IV amd Super Graph. Last but not least are the two missing Sherpa Graph references, but still need some good pics to finish it.

Speaking of finishing 😉 I completed my Aqua Graph project. I have to admit, this Wabi Sabi Style watch has something and I am glad I havn’t changed the dial.

What do you think of it?

Enicar Aqua Graph Mk 1a


Again thanks to my Enicar friends, especially @Vandervenus my mate from the Netherlands (check his page out and my swedish pal @longdele  who supported me with parts and contacts!


My Aqua Graph family

Aqua Graph “watercolor” project

Hey Enicar fans,

it’s been a while since my last entry. Here in Germany we have great weather since a few months, so less time for sitting in front of the computer. But now autumn is coming and a new project also came along.

Last weekend it was my first time at the Munich watch fair. Of course I was looking for nice Enicar watches and I found some. I allready was in contact with a French guy for trading some stuff for two Aqua Graph Project watches. These you can see here:

Two new projects at my desk

Regarding style and serial both are early Aqua Graph MK Ia. The left one is in ok shape, movement is running, all parts there, nice daily beater. The right one is a bigger challenge: No crystal, no red ring, no bezel, missing pusher…..and the dial 😀

Beauty or beast?

I have to hearts in my breast. The first is telling me, give the watch a new face, so its a nice looking watch again. The second says: Leave the dial as is. I have to admit, at the moment I tend to do the second….

But first things first. That means finding parts. It will be a challenge, but since out there is a lovely community, I am confident we will have a nice running watch in the end. At least the movement looks good so far, hands are moving by setting time and are resetting.

The movement of the “Watercolor” is looking good

BTW the “Watercolor” one is the oldest known Aqua Graph. So more then worth saving.

I will keep you updated with the progess.

Black-Silver dial from my parts bin

Early Aqua Graph bezel mystery


Hey folks,

today I’d like to discuss a mystery with you. As you maybe have seen in the introduction of the Enicar Aqua Graph MK 1a, there seems to be questions about the correct bezel of early Aqua Graphs since there are two known.
The “problem” with one of them is, that this it was also used for a complete different watch: the Enicar Sherpa Dive. Someone could shout out “Franken” but its not that easy. There are also ad’s known, showing the bezel on an Aqua Graph.

Aqua Graph Ad with “Dive” bezel

Aqua Graph bezel_ad
Ad with baton hands and “Dive” bezel

Interesting enough, that the second image shows a later Aqua Graph with baton hands. A time were the 5-55 bezel was used long time ago. So is it a mistake of the marketing departement or was this bezel really used on early watches?

Considering the measurements of both bezels you can see, that the Dive bezel is 1mm smaller than the other one. You also can see and feel the difference, since the bezel doesn’t perfectly fit the case.



Can it be that the “new” bezel wasn’t ready till the production start of the Aqua Graph? Does some intern did some bad measurements at his first day? 😉

Honestly I don’t know, but its coherent that you will find the bezel mostly on early Aqua Graph’s. Since we have catalog pics of such watches, I vote for option one. Enicar used the “Dive” bezel in the first days but introduced the “real” one shortly after production start. Between my Aqua Graph MK1a and the one from IG User VintageWatchClassics are less than 300 numbers, but his older one is equipped with the “Dive” bezel whereas my watch has the later one.


If you have additional information on that topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.

New content and some optimization



Looks like we make some progress. Added the Sherpa Graph Ia, Ib, III and Aqua Graph Ia today. Still some watches missing, but you have to start somewhere first 😉

Please let me know what you think, Feedback allways appreciated ….and of course, support my Serial Number project with your Graph serial!

Thanks Nico.

Serial Guide Online!


Today I published my first results of a small personal project of mine. I asked a lot of Enicar owner, if there are willing to share there serials for me, so I can track down differences and building dates of each reference.

As expected, the Enicar community was super helpful an within a few weeks I got nearly 70 serials wich I put into a table.

The first thing I noticed: There seem to be more Enicar Graphs out there es you maybe think. The super rare MKI alone seems to be build in a batch of at least 500 watches. Keep your eyes open for the survivers 😉

Second: Due to production dates and Ref numbers in one table, I was capable of putting references together in MK definitions, like a,b, c and so on. This was common in the past, but differences were just explained by what you can see on the dial e.g.

Since this project is an ongoing one, I am super thankful if you can provide yours, to see an even clearer picture of the Enicar world!

Thanks Nico

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