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The Aqua Graph was the Enicar chronograph, that was meant to be a watch “…designed for diving … “. So after the Sherpa Graph racing chronograh, here we have the watch for underwater duty.

The Aquagraph brand was allready trademarket in 1957 as we can see in this Swiss patent extract.

Enicar Aquagraph trademark

Although it was a Diving chronograph, the motorcyclist Dane Rowe decided to wear an Aqua Graph on the racetrack.

Dane Rowe and her Aqua Graph MK II

In their short history from 1963 to 1969, we saw at least 4 different generations regarding differences in bezel, dial and hand style.

Known are the references 072/002 and 072 / 02 / 02. Due to their EPSA case they are waterproof up to 300 feet. The base of the watch is the workhorse Valjoux 72, famous for driving the Rolex Daytona (but not as beauty 😉 ).


Early Aqua Graph ad (notice the Sherpa Dive bezel and red ring)
Aqua Graph MK II Ad