The Super Graph “Simonet” is one of the first Super Graphs and was custom designed for the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games shooting competitions. The Reference number is 072 / 002. More on the history of this watch you can find here: “Blog: Enicar Super Graph “Simonet”

Reference NumberSerial RangeWatches produced
072 / 002627.0xx -627.1xx<50


Stainless steel EPSA compressor case with bajonet lock.

40,6mm x 49,5mm without crown, 14mm thickness, lug width 20mm


The bezel in its font and number layout is similar with other Super Graphs. What makes it special are the red colored segments. In Contrast to the petroleum-grey normal Super Graph bezels, the base color here is black.

The bezel is freely turning without clicks.

An explanation of the segments and what they are for you can find in this blog entry: Enicar Super Graph “Simonet”

Red Ring

Made of red eloxed aluminum the tip of the ring is formed like a triangle. The ring is freely turning from the bezel.


All known “Simonet” Super Graph watches have a black dial with black subs. An interesting difference to other black Super Graph dials are the orange markers in the hour counter. This was a customization for the shooting events the watch was designed for.


The hands are very similar to Aqua and Jet Graph watches of its time.

Minute and hour hand are formed like a paddle (paddle style) and are very common for Enicar watches of the beginning and mid 60’s. They are unpainted with rectangle tritium lume and an orange tip. The orange tip is longer than on later references.

The second hand has a tip that looks like a spear and is filled with orange lume.

The subdial hands have the arrow shape we know from similar Aqua and Jet Graphs and they are steel colored. A difference to other watches is the orange painted tip of the hour counter arrow hand.


In comparison to the other Graph chronographs, the known “Simonet” watches all had waffle compressor crowns without the Enicar Saturn on it.

Measurements: 2,65mm x 3.75mm; Tap 12


The back shows the seapearl logo with the seapearl in the middle.


Valjoux 72 with golden finish

Known Examaples

Until today (11.02.2021) we just know of three examples of this kind of Super Graph. Two of them are in mint shape and one was an actual watch that was used by a shooter during the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo.

Those are the known watches:

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