Welcome at Enicar101, the guide for all Enicar chronographs of the “Graph” series. You are maybe here, cause you have the same questions I had in 2015. As usual, I tried to google some keywords to get some knowledge about Enicar watches, but I couldn’t find a page with all info together. I was a bit confused, since all other big brands like Omega, Heuer or UG allready had great pages.

At this point I started the idea to do an own Enicar page, with all info I ever wanted to know cumulated in one place. To do this, I started a research project (thanks to everyone who helped so far!), collected all Enicar related stuff and talked to a lot of Enicar friends.

This page is the result and I hope it helps you to classify your watch regarding age or originality.

Since I learned so much from collector friends and a lot of people helped me, I’d like to thank Bernd, Klaus-Peter, Yves, Thorsten, Matthias, Max, Martijn, Lars, Patrik, Greg, Andreas and Donald.

If you have feedback for me, like to share info or material or want to sell your Enicar watch don’t hesitate to get in contact with me via email or Instagram.


This is a private page focussing on vintage watches and not related to the current brand Enicar (HongKong).

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