Today I published my first results of a small personal project of mine. I asked a lot of Enicar owner, if there are willing to share there serials for me, so I can track down differences and building dates of each reference.

As expected, the Enicar community was super helpful an within a few weeks I got nearly 70 serials wich I put into a table.

The first thing I noticed: There seem to be more Enicar Graphs out there es you maybe think. The super rare MKI alone seems to be build in a batch of at least 500 watches. Keep your eyes open for the survivers 😉

Second: Due to production dates and Ref numbers in one table, I was capable of putting references together in MK definitions, like a,b, c and so on. This was common in the past, but differences were just explained by what you can see on the dial e.g.

Since this project is an ongoing one, I am super thankful if you can provide yours, to see an even clearer picture of the Enicar world!

Thanks Nico


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