Hey guys, this time it’s just a short message from me, cause I need your help. Thanks to your great cooperativenes when researching the Enicar Graph watches, I was able to build up this side and a classification, that hopefully lot of you find helpful. The guide for the Graph is almost done and many of you asked me if I could do the same with the Enicar Sherpa ultradive and Sherpa OPS. I said yes long time ago, but never really started.

But now is the point when I filled my Excel with the first watches and there is no return. So please, if you own an ultradive or OPS, don’t hesitate to write me with a pic of the front and back and if not visible on the pic, the Serialnumber. As allways, the numbers I keep private, but I need them, to see patterns and ranges for a good classification.

You can leave a comment here, Instagram @_JimJupiter or write me an email to enicar101@gmail.com .

The Number you will find at the outside of the caseback, above the word Sherpa (see pic).

Thanks, Nico

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