When people ask me, “what is the rarest Graph out there?”, they expect me to say “the first series Sherpa Graph of course”. They are suprised, that the Super Graph is the biggest riddle in the Graph lineup, in numbers and purpose wise. Regarding numbers, I just know of 10 Super Graphs with their serial so far. In comparison, I know of 18 first series Sherpa Graph MK Ia and many without serial number more.

The Super Graphs also tend to appear in the batches that are “reserved” for Aqua Graphs or Jet Graphs. In the description of the Super Graph I allready speculated that the Super Graph is just a derivation of the two. With their scattered appearance, it’s hard to derive a production number for them. I tend to say not more than 500 pieces in total, which is the same amount as the Sherpa Graph MK Ia but spread over many years and not just a specific batch.

Another interesting fact is, that the Super Graph seemed to be the first Graph with a bezel, even before the Aqua or Jet Graph ( based on my table, date: 17.05.2020). Produced in around late 1963, the Super Graph had their first big appearence at the Olympic Games 1964 in Tokyo. In a “Europa Star” issue from that time, we see that ad:

“A Chronograph for Marksmen”.

How do we know its a Super Graph? Well the Super Graph was advertised as the watch for shooting competitons, so I assume its the one.

One of the missing pieces appeared at the beginning of this year in the collection of @chronyves79 when he showed me a really special Super Graph. First thing you will notice is the different bezel (black-red) and the intersting lume plots at the hour counter that differs the watch from all the other known Super Graphs.

I am not very firm in the rules of shooting, but after a short research parts of the markings on bezel and subdial, matches to the rules of a Olympic Shooting competiton. Yves watch is also one of the earliest (SN 627.0XX) Super Graphs, so it would have been ready for Tokyo 1964.

When you think a riddle is solved, new questions come along. As mentioned before, this is not the typical layout of the Super Graph watches we know. Did they changed the layout in 1964, or was this also an option you can go when ordering your watch? Are they also special layouts for “referees, coaches, cyclist and swimmers”? I don’t know yet, but with more people speaking and collecting the brand, we hopefully see more watches in the future which solve the riddle….or lead to new ones 😉


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