Hey folks,

today I’d like to discuss a mystery with you. As you maybe have seen in the introduction of the Enicar Aqua Graph MK 1a, there seems to be questions about the correct bezel of early Aqua Graphs since there are two known.
The “problem” with one of them is, that this it was also used for a complete different watch: the Enicar Sherpa Dive. Someone could shout out “Franken” but its not that easy. There are also ad’s known, showing the bezel on an Aqua Graph.

Aqua Graph Ad with “Dive” bezel
Aqua Graph bezel_ad
Ad with baton hands and “Dive” bezel

Interesting enough, that the second image shows a later Aqua Graph with baton hands. A time were the 5-55 bezel was used long time ago. So is it a mistake of the marketing departement or was this bezel really used on early watches?

Considering the measurements of both bezels you can see, that the Dive bezel is 1mm smaller than the other one. You also can see and feel the difference, since the bezel doesn’t perfectly fit the case.



Can it be that the “new” bezel wasn’t ready till the production start of the Aqua Graph? Does some intern did some bad measurements at his first day? 😉

Honestly I don’t know, but its coherent that you will find the bezel mostly on early Aqua Graph’s. Since we have catalog pics of such watches, I vote for option one. Enicar used the “Dive” bezel in the first days but introduced the “real” one shortly after production start. Between my Aqua Graph MK1a and the one from IG User VintageWatchClassics are less than 300 numbers, but his older one is equipped with the “Dive” bezel whereas my watch has the later one.


If you have additional information on that topic, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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