Hey Enicar fans,

it’s been a while since my last entry. Here in Germany we have great weather since a few months, so less time for sitting in front of the computer. But now autumn is coming and a new project also came along.

Last weekend it was my first time at the Munich watch fair. Of course I was looking for nice Enicar watches and I found some. I allready was in contact with a French guy for trading some stuff for two Aqua Graph Project watches. These you can see here:

Two new projects at my desk

Regarding style and serial both are early Aqua Graph MK Ia. The left one is in ok shape, movement is running, all parts there, nice daily beater. The right one is a bigger challenge: No crystal, no red ring, no bezel, missing pusher…..and the dial 😀

Beauty or beast?

I have to hearts in my breast. The first is telling me, give the watch a new face, so its a nice looking watch again. The second says: Leave the dial as is. I have to admit, at the moment I tend to do the second….

But first things first. That means finding parts. It will be a challenge, but since out there is a lovely community, I am confident we will have a nice running watch in the end. At least the movement looks good so far, hands are moving by setting time and are resetting.

The movement of the “Watercolor” is looking good

BTW the “Watercolor” one is the oldest known Aqua Graph. So more then worth saving.

I will keep you updated with the progess.

Black-Silver dial from my parts bin


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