Aqua Graph MK Ib and some Wabi Sabi

Hey friends,

since we just passed the 150 watches in my serial list I just added the last missing Aqua Graph reference: the MK Ib. By now I have completed all Jet and Aqua Graph watches. Still some work to do. Next will be the Sherpa Graph MK IV amd Super Graph. Last but not least are the two missing Sherpa Graph references, but still need some good pics to finish it.

Speaking of finishing 😉 I completed my Aqua Graph project. I have to admit, this Wabi Sabi Style watch has something and I am glad I havn’t changed the dial.

What do you think of it?

Enicar Aqua Graph Mk 1a


Again thanks to my Enicar friends, especially @Vandervenus my mate from the Netherlands (check his page out and my swedish pal @longdele  who supported me with parts and contacts!


My Aqua Graph family

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