Hey friends, some additions happened in the last month, without a big anouncement.

After finding this nice ad about Erik Carlson and Enicar, I decided to spend this topic an own category. So have a look at “Racing Heritage” abouth Enicars history in motorsports. These section will be updated as soon as I find more information. Maybe it takes until next year, when something big is on the Enicar (book-) horizon 😉


Second, I updated the Serial Reference page. By now, I have 172 watches in my list. Thats a huge success, considering I started a year ago with this project. Thanks to all that supported me! You are the best.

So whats next? I just got a nice Sherpa Graph MK Ic, so finally I can finish the guide on this reference. The other thing I have in mind, is an overview about the orginal bracelets used on the Graphs. Stay tuned!

As I learned to end something with something nice, I found this absolutly fantastic ad two weeks ago in Japan. Great isn’t it?




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