New Addition and insights

Another brick in the wall 😉 I just added the Enicar Sherpa Graph Ic guide to the page.

I was lucky to buy one, right before christmas. The watch has its own charme. Obviously its not a safe queen, but that makes her a perfect daily rocker. It came out of a south German estate sale. What was new for me, is the silver finish of the bezel. On pics it just looks white, in reality it has a nice metallic effect.

Since a friend of mine asked about production numbers, I will try to summarize my findings, based on my table with now close to 180 watches.

Enicar Sherpa Graph Ia: 500 watches
Enicar Sherpa Graph Ib: 700 watches
Enicar Sherpa Graph Ic: 600+ watches
Enicar Sherpa Graph Id: 400 watches

Enicar Sherpa Graph II: 800 watches

Enicar Sherpa Graph III: 3.200 watches

Enicar Sherpa Graph IV: 2.000 watches

Please keep in mind, these figures will be adjusted with the number of watches I have in my list. Since they surely were produced in batches, I take the first serial number of that reference and the last one. The batch size is the difference.

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