The name that is mostly attached to the first of all Sherpa Graphs is the one of the famous F1 driver Stirling Moss. Though we have seen him in the Enicar ads and also in the Enicar house magazine “Saturn” wearing a Sherpa Graph, until now there were no pictures public showing him wearing an Enicar in real action.

1960 was the last year with the F1 championship run to 2.5 litre regulations. While having the change to 1.5 litre in mind, several events with those yet smaller F2 cars took place. One of these events was the “Flugplatzrennen” in Zeltweg, Austria on September 18th. With a field of famous starters, like Brabham and Hans Herrmann, also Stirling was attending with a private Porsche 718/F2.

While beeing at this event, some pics were made in the padlock, showing Stirling with a watch on a white tropic. White Tropic? [Wasnt that Jim Clarks style?] Do you remember the pic shown before in the “Saturn” magazine?

Bingo! It has to be the Sherpa Graph from the pic, on Stirlings’ wrist, in an actual racing event.

I guess its ok to say that the “Saturn” pic also was taken at this event. Whats harder to guess is what kind of MK1a he is wearing. On the picture the dial looks more grey-white than black-white to me. It is also impossible to say if the watch has paddle or gladius hands. Hopefully we can solve this riddle in the near future.

Still, this is a great proof of the watch-driver connection we were looking for so long. By the way, Stirling won this race 😉


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