You remember the pics of Ed Sheeran (klick here) where we can see him wearing an Enicar Sherpa Ultradive on stage in 2019? Nothing against Ed, but there was an icon 50 years before him, who had a soft spot for the Ultradive. The guy I am talking about is the French king of cool Alain Delon.

Alain was born november 8th, 1935 in France. When his parents split up, he was placed with foster parents at the age of four. He was what we would call a bully today. Like a lot of them, he ended in the military. From 1952 to 1956 he served for the “Fusiliers marins” a special operations unit in the French Navy and started his acting career in 1957.

Ten years later, allready a movie star, he was part of the “Les Aventuriers” (“The Last Adventure”) cast, together with Lino Ventura, Joanna Shimkus and Serge Reggiani. In this movie we can see him wearing an Enicar Sherpa Ultradive, an early one with the iconic double lollipop (more pics at the )end of the article). This isn’t new, some Enicar collectors allready discoverd this in the past (althoug you will see some new images for sure).

New and interesting is the fact, that his movie partners Serge and Vito also were wearing an Ultradive. I haven’t found any documention (yet), but its most likely that Enicar supported the movie with their watches, like Heuer did in the “LeMans” film five years later.

One can think that when this watch just was a movie prop, we would never see Alain again with this watch. But in 1968 at the set of “Adieu L’ami” (“Farewell, Friend”) he still has the watch. Kind of an iconic picture, Alain Delon, Charles Bronson and the Ultradive, isn’t it? 😉

Edit 07/02/2021: Thanks to Enicar collector Alois, we also know that Delon was actually wearing the Ultradive in the movie “Adieu L’Ami too. See the following pics:

The last movie set appearance of Delons Ultradive we see in 1969 at the filming of “La Piscine” (“The Swimming Pool”). In the movie he met his former girlfriend Romy Schneider again, the love of his life. Though in the movie itself, he is wearing a watch that looks like a Rolex Submariner.

As we can see on the above pictures, Alain seemed to prefer his Ultradive when he is off the movie set. The following images support that theory, where we can see the private Alain Delon and the Ultradive in Venice, at the beach playing with his son Anthony or on his motorcycle. Often you will see him in or near the water. As a former Navy SpecOp he relies on the waterproofness of his Enicar.

Usally when we see a famous person wearing a specific watch in so many occasions we call the watch after them. Therfore I would like to give the Ultradive (with double Lollipop) the nickname “Alain Delon”.

Alain by the way sold his watch collection in 2012, the catalog is still visible here . Among a lot of watches, also dive watches, one is missing. You won’t find an Ultradive in it. I like the idea that Alain still has this watch as one of his personal favourites of all time… 😉


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