Exciting Times!

Wow, exciting times folks for Enicar fans. It’s gonna happening, Martijn aka Vandervenus started his Kickstarter campaign to fund his 250 pages Enicar book. He is one of the greatest Enicar collectors and all his passion and expertise will go in this book. If you like Enicar watches or just watch collecting in general, fund his project on Kickstarter!


I also want to show you the latest additions to my collection. Two incredible rare birds. First is an Enicar Sherpa Super Graph, one of the rarest of all Graphs. Rare maybe cause it hasn’t found its place between the Aqua Graph (for divers), Jet Graph (for pilots) and Sherpa Graph (racers and the rest 😀 ). Supposely a bad seller. I also added it to the reference guide .

The second watch is a now white Aqua Graph. Now, cause it was born as a black / grey one. But after finding a white dial in France, I had to convert it. Some call it „Monza prototype“, but for me it was just another option at the dealers office. Never seen a „true“ white dial Aqua Graph in the wild yet, so another mystery to solve in the future. For me, this is the perfect summer watch!

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