Hey guys,

it’s been a while, but be sure I am still working on the projekt. Almost every day I get new serial numbers I add to the list. We are now at 208 Enicar Graphs in my chart. I will share some new insights with you in a moment.

But first let me thank Ulf. Ulf is a guy from Sweden lives the dream of all car enthusiats by owning a Ferrari 275 GTB. Interestingly, the former owner of this racing machine, Swiss driver Siegfried Zwimpfer also drove in a Porsche 906 sponsored by Enicar. Ulf was so kind to share Siegfrieds personal pics with me and I want to share them with you.

Skannad bild 131510024

Skannad bild 131500008

Skannad bild 131500005

Can you See how proud those guys are…cause of their watches (obviously 😀 ). I will add his story to the Enicar Racing history page later this month. Again, thanks Ulf, thats the spirit of our small Enicar community!

Let’s come back to numbers. I was asked how many Sherpa Graphs were produced and how many those are in comparison to the Bezel Graphs. Since I allready made an assumption for the Sherpa Graph at one of the earlier Blog entries, lets have a look at Aqua and Jet Graph (Numbers on Super Graph are too low to say something yet).


Aqua Graph:

Enicar Aqua Graph Ia: 400 watches
Enicar Aqua Graph Ib: 700 watches

Enicar Aqua Graph II: 600 watches

Enicar Aqua Graph III: 900+ watches

Enicar Aqua Graph IV: 1.900+ watches


Jet Graph:

Enicar Jet Graph Ia: 200 watches
Enicar Jet Graph Ib: 100 watches

Enicar Jet Graph II: ? (not sufficent data yet)

Enicar Jet Graph III: 500+ watches

Enicar Jet Graph IV: 2.300+ watches


I will also add this info to the Serial Reference Page.


At the end I will thank Martijn and all Enicar fans who managed to fund the amazing Enicar book coming in late fall this year! I am excited!

One thought

  1. Nico, I take my hat off for your passion and great research. Just out of curiosity, what do you think the production number of Super Graphs is? I’m convinced it is the rarest of the chronographs. Just wondering how rare exactly.


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