You maybe noticed that I updated the MK Ia section with new pics. I finally got my own super early Graph which I can explore and compare. Thanks to a good soul in Canada. The watch also has a nice history, but that is maybe something for another entry.

On first view you notice, that the watch is obviously missing lume. I thought the same and allready was ready to send it out to my watchmaker. But after a closer inspection, I changed my mind. I couldn’t see any lume leftovers inside the hands, but old matching lume on the tip of the hands.

A nice soul at Instagram reminded me of a pic my friend @vandervenus posted a bit earlier this year. A pic from the “Saturn”, the in-house magazin of Enicar. This pic, one of a few showing the 1960 lineup, is showing an early Graph with Gladius hands an no lume.

Furthermore, we all know the ad of Stirling Moss and a Sherpa Graph. And again, if you look closly (concentrate on the left sub), you will see: no lume!

We also have evidence on another, rare watch build by Enicar I just aquired. An Enicar 817CH dash timer. This watch meant to be in the cockpit of a plane. You see the similiarities? Same hand style, also no lume!

I talked with my watchmaker and to him this makes totally sense: “think about it, those hands are so big, they would cover numbers and subs when you need them in action”. This perspective makes so much sense, but I never thought about it. For us today, these toolwatches appeal our eyes, cause we like the look, the heritage etc. But back then, people really used them. Why should a racedriver need lumed hands, when 98% of the races are at daylight?

So what do we have? A lot of lumed watches out there, but just non lumed ones in the official documents. Are the lumed ones wrong? I tend to say no at this point. Many of them I saw, have absolutly (dial-) matching radium lume. It’s like so often with Enicar. Everything was possible.

On a personal view I agree with the majority. With lume looks cooler 😀

Let me know what you think!

Update 27.04.2020

In march 2020 a bunch of skeleton hands appeared at ebay from a swiss watch dealer. They have the same characteristics as the ones on my watch. I think the case is proven now, that those hands are totally legit!

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