I allready wrote something in the racing section about Erik Carlsson, the famous Swedish Rallye Driver. Lately I found some more Enicar ads in a Swedish newspaper online archive, that I want to show you. It is a great example how Enicar used testemonials and buid a series of ads around them.

The other drivers are Pat Moss, wife of Erik Carlsson and sister of Stirling Moss, Rallye Driver Tom Trana and Motocross legend Rolf Tibblin.

As mentioned in an own blog entry Erik Carlsson is wearing a Sherpa Graph with black dial an silver subs on his wrist on his ad. To my surprise, I found some pics with him and the watches he wears in private: also a Sherpa Graph, but an all white one and the famous Jim Clark configuration.

Since the Grey-White allready has a nickname and the black-silver one is just seen in the ad, I am thinking about nicknaming the all white MK II after him. Why the MK II and not the earlier ones (Mk1b-d)? Well, Carlsson started to do advertisment for Enicar in 1964, so its most likely he used the latest execution which was available in all white. What do you think?


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  1. Great write-up Nico. These advertisements are fantastic. It’s interesting to see how much promotional material was created for the Swedish market. According to Ariste Racine III, this Scandinavian country was in the European top 3 (together with Switzerland and Germany) in terms of revenues.

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