Dear Enicar friends, in part 2 about the stories of my watches, I’d like to talk about my grail watch the Sherpa Graph MK1a with skeleteon gladius hands and grey dial.

Back in 2018 a guy from Canada was writing me, that he inherited a nice Enicar watch from his grandfather. Turned out this was one of the niced MK1a examples I have ever seen. Back than the missing lume was strange and we thought that it was just removed during the history of the watch. Today we know better (more on this topic here). The guy liked the watch like his grandfather probably did and was wearing it on special occasions.

I asked him about the history of the watch and it turned out his grandfather was a big fan of watches and had a lot of interesting ones in his possession but he couldnt recall seeing him with the Enicar when he was a kid. His grandfather was a Rolex guy all tthrough. Maybe due to his position, he wanted a more representative watch, than a sportive one like the Sherpa Graph. He was the boss of Pepsi Cola of Hawaii and the Philipines back in the days, which of course were large and exotic markets back than. I can imagine worse places to live and work.

Like Pepsi allways was in the shadow of Coca Cola, the Enicar was hidden behind his Rolexes. But still, he bought it and proved exellent taste. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out, if he was a motorsport enthusiast or any other sport fan, so no relation on this topics so far.

After almost one and a half years of nice talks and longer periods of silence, the grandson decided to sell the watch. I was lucky enough to buy this watch with this great provenance, wich still is the pinnacle of my collection.

More on the Enicar Sherpa Graph MK Ia you can find out here.

Does your Enicar also has a great story? Write me and let me know, if it was under the sea or in the air.


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