Swedish ad showing Erik Carlsson and his Sherpa Graph MK II

Look what cool Swedish ad I just found on the Swedish forum Erik Carlsson, also know as „Carlsson on the roof“ and „Mr. Saab“ as a testimonial for Enicar and smiling to us with a nice Sherpa Graph MK II on his wrist.

Carlsson (*5.3.1929 – †27.5.2015) was one of the most famous European Rallye Driver of its time and an icon. The swedish won the Rally Monte Carlos two times in 1962 and 1963 with his Saab 96.

Carlsson at Rally Monte Carlo

He also develops the breaking with the left foot while still hammering the gas 😁 to keep the rpm’s high. A thing that Walter Röhrl brought to perfection ( a great video of this you can find here).

In Addition, he is the husband of Pat Moss, the younger sister of the big formular 1 star Stirling Moss.

Back to watches. As mentioned Carlsson is wearing a nice Sherpa Graph MK II with black dial and silver subs like the shown one. I havn’t found a picture yet if he was also wearing this watch in the cockpit, but why shouldn’t he 😉

Sherpa Graph MK II with silver subs

By the way the ad says:
“Time is a decisive factor for a rally driver. When it hangs in the second, it’s time for a watch to trust. This is what we have, my wife Pat Moss and I, our ENICAR watch, never lame us in the lap.”

Mr. Saab Erik Carlsson


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  1. Nice find. Those ads from another era are always fun to look at, some of them age quite beautifully don’t they? Enicar had some very beautiful chronographs back in the day, that’s for sure.

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